Oct 27, 2008

My 3 babies

11 days old

There are a few things that I have noticed about Maycee.

1. She sleeps so much. She sleeps about 20 hours or more a day. (no joke)

2. She is a 2 sneezer girlie. Always 2 sneezes.

3. She is a HOT baby.

4. She hates to have her hands/arms bundles up.

5. She doesn't wake up to loud noises (dogs barking, printers, etc)

6. She hates to be breastfed. (I think she claustrophobic or something)

7. She doesn't mind cold bottles

8. When she sleeps she opens her eyes and makes weird faces.

9. She is not a cryer thanks goodness.

10. She smiles already(my mom says its just gas but I say she smiles)

And... her belly button fell off today!!! :) YEA

I hope it stays an inny :)

Oct 26, 2008

She makes me laugh


4 generations of LOVE

Grammy, mommy, Maycee, and GG Linda

too much time not enough to do

I LOVE my little cutie

I am: Sooo happy
I think: about things that make me say “Ahhh how cute!”
I have: never been to Hawaii.
I dislike: cleaning
I miss: going to the scrapbook store
I fear: spiders
I feel: like planning a P-A-R-T-Y
I hear: my awesome husband making me a PB&J
I smell: hardboiled eggs cooking
I crave: some Lovin’ from my hubby
I cry: when I’m really, really tired
I usually: would be at church right now. -
Rob says its too soon for Maycee to go back yet.
I search: through scrapbook magazines
I wonder: when I’m going to start feeling great again
I regret: nothing
I wish: I could pay the deposit to keep
my doggies here in my apt. ($1000)
I love: my FAMILY
I care: about you
I always: like to eat candy
I worry: I’m not always doing my best
I am not: a wimp (most of the time haha)
I remember: the birth of Maycee (so cool)
I believe: the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is a TRUE church.
I sing: in the shower, in the car, in church, and in my home (that’s it)
I don't always: like wearing the color pink
I write: in my journal sometimes
I win: in life
I lose: my keys never (thanks to my keys purse hook)
I listen: for Maycee
I don't understand: why someone would want to chase tornados
I can usually be found: being myself
I need: to get out of the house
I forget: to eat sometimes
I am happy: being with family
I tag: whoever has too much time on their hands :)

Oct 22, 2008

MOM, look what I can do

Rob taught her this.
(4 days old)

throw ur hands in the air and wave em like you just dont care

Rob, my mom and I figured out that Maycee does NOT like to sleep with her hands bundled in the blanket. She is my little cheerleader. :)

4 day Dr. visit

We visited Dr. Thompson on Monday for her first check up. She was so good. Doc said everything is going great. No jaundice, no sickness, no problem. :) She did lose some weight but that is expected of newborns. She was weighed at 6lbs 2oz. My mom and I knew that she was losing weight she just looked a lot skinnier and she wasn't breast feeding (thats a story in its self). Well now that she is actually eating she is gaining weight. That day she even got a shot. She cried about 3 cries and then stopped. She was a champ. Good thing I wasn't amotional that day. Rob and I got our flu vaccines that day as well (it was a little sniff through the nose and not a shot, cool huh?) She did great. She's is my little healthy baby.



Oct 21, 2008

Bath time

She loves bath time. Her first one was in the hospital. She loved it.

We gave her another one at home and loved it too.


AND our family begins...

(sorry this is such a long post someday this will be in a book so I wanted to document it)

The day started early at 5am. I was definatly ready I slept 5 hours the night before. I think that was the most sleep that I got for a long while. We had our bags packed and we were off. We were so excited and tired.

We got there and they started an IV right way. My Dr forgot to fax over the release to give me Patocin so we waited till about 7:30a for that to start. At 7:40a I was was checked and I was still a 1 1/2. I didn't start to feel contractions till about 8:30 and that was when my mom arrived. They weren't very strong for a little bit until about 9:30a and they started being about 10 min apart but weren't they weren't that bad. I was able to breath threw them. I also received some meds (fentanyl) at about that time as well. Wow was that some good drugs. I was soooo loopy. My mom and Brittany wrote some funny things that I said down, like I wanted to go to lunch when my Aunt Ahjenae came into town. After that I felt really good. I was checked at 10:30 and I was at a 3 and the contractions started to be about 3-5 min apart. But still they were that bad. We had a lot of fun between contractions. We laughed and I journaled. At 12:30 the nurse checked me and I was at a 4. At 12p the anesthesiologist was going into an emergency c-section so I had to get the epidural then or I would have to wait for a while so uh duh get it then. This was the one part that I was afraid of. I was pretty nervous. Let me tell you, it was so easy. Probably because my contractions were not that bad. After the epidural was in everything was so easy. I didn't feel a thing at all. They had to tell me when I was having a contraction. I was sleeping through the contractions, as you can see. The cool part was that the anesthesiologist was LDS (Bro Poulson) he did such a great job. I got a catheter
at 1:30 (the best thing ever I want one of those every day please). I was checked at 1:30 as well and I was at a 6. At 2:15 they rolled in the supplies for the delivery. I was checked at that time too and I was at a 9. I was still feeling great at this time. Just hangin out and having fun. Sleeping a little too. At 3:10 I was checked and I was at a 10. I really wanted to labor down and my nurse (Martha) was on my side on that one so I got to wait and since the epidural made me feel nothing (I could still move my legs though) I got to wait. So I was at a 10 for about and hour. Brittany was the one that was taking over my job for me so she had to go pick up the kids so my Aunt Ahjenae got to come in the room for a bit and she brought me some beautiful flowers. Also my mother in law Barbara got to come in to the room for a bit as well. At about 4:25 I started puching with the nurse. Brittany was able to make it back just in time for me to start puching. Rob was so fun during this time. haha this picture showed it. Everyone though I did so good pushing. During each contraction before I started pushing again I thought we could all take a little nap. They needed to tell me when my next contraction was. After 20 min and 12 pushes later we had a baby. She came out a little (ok a lot) blue so Rob

didn't get to cut the cord. They jsut wanted to make sure everything was ok. I didn't get to hold her right away either. I did get to touch her though. The first touch was so emotional. I started bawling right away. She was so beautiful even with all that cottage cheese stuff on her.
I couldn't
believe that she was mine. She was finally here.

She got all cleaned up right away by my
favorite nurse Martha. She was a little quite and standoffish in the beggining but by the end she was great and very friendly.
She was such a good baby from the begging.

You can't really see the scale for she weighed 6lbs and 9oz.

A few more mesurements her head measured 11 1/4 in

Her chest was at 10 1/2 in

She was 19 3/4 in long

After a bath and all her measurments I finally got to hold her. She was so little and so beautiful.

My baby girl Maycee
Rob is such a proud daddy.

After about 2 hours and some food, we were able to be moved to the recovery
room. Robs family was very good friends with the head nurse (Grace) so we were able to get our very own room so Rob got to stay the night with me. I was so glad that he did. The night was so fun (really is was) and I was glad that he could be there to share it with me. Also I have no idea what I would have done if I had to share with someone. We had so many visitors and so much stuff the
other person would have been so annoyed. The next morning My OB and the pediatrition came. Maycee was all healthy he could not find anything wrong. My OB also released me to leave later that day. I was able to breastfeed through this whole time and she was a natural from the start (later I had problems but in the hospital she did great). Going home was a long process. There were a lot of people coming in and nurses kept wanting to take her to do all the usual tests. It took us forever. We got discharged at 3:30 and we didn't end up leaving until about 5:45p. The ride home was great no accidents :). Rob was just such a proud dad that day. Mariah and Baiden Beegly were in the complex so they greeted us on the way in as well as our other neighbor Jim was there as well.
All in all the 2 day went great. It was a very enjoyable time. I think I was meant to have a lot of babies beacause this whole labor thing didn't bother me.
We are all doing great now. She did great at breastfeeding the first 2 days. But by saturday night she didn't feel like it anymore. She just completely stopped for some reason. I would try and get her close and she would jsut start screaming but the second I took her away she stopped and she would do that over and over. So I started pumping. Thank goodness my sister in law Heidi let me borrow hers. I was really emotional about this. I thought that she was rejecting me. But I got over it by Monday and Im ok with it now. We are going to go see a lactation person an hopefully we'll be able to see whats going on.
Im just glad that she is healthy and everythingelse is great.