Feb 23, 2011

An Artist in Action

It's been so cold outside
but when the sun decides to peak through the clouds we get to play outside.
Maycee is becoming quite the little artist.
She has even learned how to hold a writing utensil correctly.
Oddly enough coming from 2 left handed parents, she is a righty.

Feb 22, 2011

Cousin Brylee

I was so lucky to grow up with cousins around my age
but I think Maycee won with this one.
Brylee is 2 weeks younger than Maycee.
These girls are going to be trouble I can tell.

Maycee would not look at the camera and smile.
Brylee on the other hand was a great picture taker.

Baking Brownies

I LOVE to bake brownies... Well mostly because I like to EAT them. hehe
and Maycee... I think mostly likes to sneak finger licks from the bowl the most
as you can tell

I havn't made these yet but don't they look delicious??
They are on my list of things to bake.

(Click the picture to see how Amanda does it)