Nov 28, 2008

turkey day bliss

The day was filled with family and fun. Maycee didn't sleep that well the night before so we didn't get up till around 11 and then we needed to get ready to go so we weren't out of the house till around 12ish. We stopped by Rob's parents house to visit for a little while and then we were off to my moms house. We usually have dinner at my grandpa Karl's house but this year my mom stepped up. All my family was there. We had a great dinner that was cooked by my mom and grandpa that was followed by some guitar hero. My step dad, Donny came home with Guitar Hero World Tour (the new set) the night before so we could all enjoy it. It is so AWESOME. The drums are great. Later that evening we all went to the movies to go see "Quantum of Solace". Great movie. Maycee did alright. She did wake up for about a second so I had to take her out for a bit but other than those 5 min she was out. She loves to go to movies. :)
the traditions were kept alive this year as well.
We had our annual family photo taken. My grandpa gets his tripod out and hits the timer button and tries to run into the photo. Hilarious every time.

We also had a table runner that my Aunt Leanna made lining the table. She brought this tradition to our family in 1999 and every year she has brought it. The tradition of it is that every year you write what you are thankful for on it. It is so cool to read what everyone has written over the years. There are some cherished memories that come from that table runner.
I just love traditions.

Maycee's first Thanksgiving was a hit.

Thanksgiving thankfulness
1. Robbie G - The best husband EVER. Love ya
2. Maycee- I an so thankful that she was able to enter into this world healthy
3. Like I wrote on our table runner, Pacifiers.
This little contraption is a life saver.
4. Technology
5. An awesome job taking care of great kids and
that I can take Maycee with me.
6. The gospel
7. Photos and scrapbooking
8. Family to love and be loved by
9. Smiling and laughing to help the "getting over it" process
10. Awesome Friends. Love ya Brit
In no sort of order. :)

Nov 23, 2008


I was waiting on a picture before I posted this but oh well. The pic I took was on my phone that I lost.

Brittany, her mom Dawn, me, Sarah C, Michelle C, Aunt Jeaneen, and a few of Michelles friends went to the 12:01a showing of Twilight. We went to Manchester Theater thinking Edwards was going to be all sold out, which it wasn't. We were all wishing that we were there. Haha I showed up to wait in line at 4:45p. A few of our group showed up to wait with me because I had to leave to chaperone a musical practice for a few hours but after I headed back over. There were a group of about 10 people in line head of us and Dawn got to talking to them and come to find out they had camped out on the red carpet of a screening for 2 days to meet the real people. They had pictures and everything. So cool

We were all so excited for the movie. When we were all seated and the movie finally started everyone was clapping and whistling. It got quiet, and then when the Cullens walked in everyone started screaming again. It was great.

Movie Review

It was pretty close to the book which was great. They left a bunch of stuff out which wasn't bad for me since I read the book. I think that if I hadn't read it, I would have been clueless on a few things.

I went into the showing thinking that Edward was a horibble pick and Bella was great but it was the complete opposit for me. Edward was very good, and Bella, I felt that she needed a few acting lessons (ok maybe a lot) It was enjoyable until Bella talked. I just cringed at some of her acting skills. Also she had the same facial expression for everything (happy, in love, in pain, shock etc) same face.

All the other characters I felt or casted great. I had no problems with anyone else.

Also I felt as if they could have done a better job of making them look like they were running fast, and jumping far.

Looking back, to me, the movie was too amature, and it felt like it was a college film project for a student. I just look at Harry Potter and how well their movies are made and wish that Twilight was on the same level of greatness.

Over all I did enjoy the movie. It was good enough to forgive all the bad things.

I even saw it a second time Friday at 4:00p with Brittany and Alexis.

I would recommend this movie to others. :) Good clean fun.

It was all fun and games until I accidently left my phone there. I went to ask if they had it but they said that nothing showed up. Bye Bye to my fave phone the Palm Centro. LAME!!

Nov 17, 2008

1 month

I can't believe that she is a month old already. She is growing up too fast. :)
We had her one month check up today with Dr. Thompson.

She got her 2nd Hep B shot and she really didnt like it at first but she was a trooper. I didnt cry which made it better.

A few of her stats

HT: 20" (10th pecentile)

WT: 8 lbs 5oz (25th percentile)

HeadC: 37cm (30th percentile)

she is on a good track.

(stats when she was born to compare to)

HT: 19 3/4

WT: 6lbs 9oz

HeadC: 28 1/5cm

I think that she really smiled for the first time today. Either is was real or a really cool coincidence. She smiled at Rob when he was playing with her today and then she smiled at my brother Wyatt and then she smiled at me. She has been doing this fake smile stuff at random but these smiles were right on key when someone would talk or play with her. I am so excited.
We also took her to our ward for the first time yesterday. I didn't take a picture of her in her cute dress though. Next time. She did great,all through out church she just slept.
Also some other excited news, she is staying up longer. She was awake for 6 hrs last night. She ended up going to bed at about 12:30p BUT... the cool thing is she slept for 7 hrs. She didn't wake up till 7:30. Is that CRAZY or what. I was so thankful. The night before was a horrible night and I was exhausted. Heavenly Father knew that I needed some sleep. :)

Nov 15, 2008

Nov 13, 2008


Rob wanted to be in a bowling league this year I thought that was pretty cool.
He invited Maycee and I to go watch. It was so fun. Robs team won.
He was AWESOME out there!
Maycee all ready to go out. She slept the whole time we were there. Nothing wakes her up.

Rob is a killer bolwer.

Nov 12, 2008

my little genious

And now she breastfeeds. haha Maycee is so funny. She would NOT have it at all. But I kept trying a little here and there. Well a couple of days ago I tried again and... she decided that she wanted to do it. She cracks me up. So now she breastfeeds, I pump a little and she takes formula.

Daddy and Maycee

Maycee LOVES her daddy. And Robbie LOVES his baby girl.

Nov 11, 2008

Shopping with the girls

Today we went shopping. The top picture isn't from the shopping day but it was of all of us together. We have been friends forever. Me Natalie Brittany and April were 4 of a kind back in the day. These days the three of us always get together whenever Natalie is in town. Natalie is my cousin and Brittany we have always called family.

It was so fun to get together. We went to Japanese Kitchen for lunch and then we went to Fashion Fair mall for a little shopping. Natalie decided that she needed to buy little Maycee a new outfit. Well while we were picking some stuff out Maycee went to the bathroom so off to change her I went. Well, while I had her diaper off and putting the new diaper on in that 2 seconds she peed all over her little outfit. Good thing I had a little onsie in my bag, and good thing Natalie was buying her a new outfit, and thank goodness it fit her. She looked so cute in her new outfit. Thanks Natalie.

Brit and I also got "Team Edward" pins. Only 10 more days. :)

Nov 10, 2008

Brets Farewell

My 3rd cousin Bret Pryzbyla's farewell sacrament mtg. was on Sunday. He is going to be going to Denver CO. We are all so proud of him. He is going to be a great missionary.

This is Bret's mom, Bev. Maycee LOVES her. All through my pregnancy a lot of people would touch my belly but Maycee would not move. Well EVERY time that Bev touched my belly Maycee would move. It was so cool. She just loved her touch.
Maycee and Greyson (Maycee's cousin) fell asleep on the floor. They are three months apart. They are going to have so much fun when they grow up.

Nov 4, 2008


We went to the polls as a family, it was quick and easy. We even saw Holly George there. With me posting this at 10:30p I now know that Obama won (bummer) but that's ok. I did vote for McCain, but I know that Heavenly Father allowed Obama to win for a reason. What the reason is I have NO IDEA, but we'll see if he succeeds. Hopefully Obama doesn't get shot. Those KKK guys are crazy.

The results for Prop 8 still hasn't come out yet but so far its in our favor. :)

Our 44th president

Nov 1, 2008

Our first restaurant together

Rob decided to take us out to eat on Maycee's 2 weeks. He was such a proud daddy carrying her into Applebees. He is a great dad. She slept the whole time and wasn't a problem at all. Earlier that day we visited Grandpa Birdie and Auntie Bon Bon was there too.

"Old School" Bath Time

My little Maycee LOVES to take baths. She got 2 this day because she kept pooping on herself. hehe Grammy helped me on this one.

I love that we bathed her in the bathroom sink, it's so old school. She just enjoyed herself. She must get her love of bath time from her mom. :)

oooo Halloween-eee oooooo

A fairy princess, an Angel, Zoro "funk", a chicken and a bumble bee
We had a great Halloween. We went to my mom's trunk-or-treat for a bit and then went over to Jeremy and Janice's house for some fun. Maycee got kind of fussy mid way so we headed home a little early. But it was so much fun to dress Maycee up. She is my little sweetie.

Happy first Halloween baby girl.