Mar 4, 2011

"No Mom I can do It!"

This is the typical phrase that I hear these days.
"No Mom I can do it"

Does anyone else hear this... every minute of the day??
(and no she doesn't really ride in the front seat)

Mar 3, 2011

before and after

***Thank goodness for
flatirons and curling irons and make-up
, oh my!!

Daily Goodys

What does your breakfast look like??

2 eggs and a little milk in a micrwave-safe bowl...
microwave on high for 1 1/2 - 2 min.
and voila insta eggs.

Maycee: "I want katchup"
Me: "Please"
Maycee: "PLEASE!!!"

(Why is it that every time I want to take a picture I have to bribe the little bebe?)


I have a dream... of playing in the blogging world.
Inspiration began here:


Mar 1, 2011

Never too Early to Start Exercising


Maycee sure enjoyed Valentines Day Morning!
She found a little special box full of surprises.
Including a NEW: book, shirt, socks, sunglasses, stickers, and lots of Candy.

Maycee also got the chance to go play with
Jennifer. Thank goodness Jennifer was able to watch her that day.
Maycee had the most fabulous time playing with her and Uncle Wy-Wy.

Happy Birthday Uncle Wy-Wy

The LITTLE Bro turns
You are an amazing Brother, and uncle in our lives.
May you have many years to come and may each year bring more happiness and wisdom.
Love ya

A Astrological Interpretation

February 13 - Aquarius Birthday

YOUR SIGN - Aquarius
YOUR RULERS - Uranus, Venus

The February 13 Aquarius birth date identifies with a very hardworking individual, one who is dedicated to their beliefs and a person who will persevere with great drive and determination in order to achieve their ideals and goals in life.

As a February 13 you are by nature a natural teacher and one who will derive great pleasure and satisfaction from the passing on of your knowledge and experiences to others.

You appear to have an inherent natural instinct in knowing what other folks are thinking plus, a powerful sense or foresight as to the final results of particular actions prior to a project or undertaking commencing.

These arc very valuable attributes and ones that you can utilize to the benefit of those with whom you interrelate and interact during your life.