May 24, 2009

The Cruise

warning... picture overload.

The long awaited cruise finally came and went and it was so worth the wait.
Because of the swine flu we weren't able to go to Mexico like we planned
but we were able to go to...

San Fransisco

Victoria, British Colombia

and Seattle, Washington

We drove down to LA to catch the boat and we were amazed at how big the boat was. If you tipped the Eiffel tower on its side it would fit inside the boat with some extra room left over.

There were 2 different swimming pool decks, 4 spas, a salon spa, ice skating rink, movie theater, miniature golf, gym, casino, many cafes and bars, a dance club, a library, rock climbing wall, arcade, and much more

The Shows in the evenings were amazing as well. We saw dancers, comedians, ice skaters, parades, singers, etc.

The food on the boat was also so good. Not only did we have breakfast lunch and dinner (all 3 course meals) there was a cafe that had free food all the time and also there was a Johnny Rockets that we could have all we can eat for $5.

My 24th birthday was the last evening we were on the boat too. It was fun being sung to and receiving presents. What a good evening.

We all had an amazing time on our cruise and I owe it all to my MOM!!!
Thank you for the Christmas/ birthday present.

here I am

Back from the DEAD!!!

Maycee is growing up so incredilbly fast I just can't believe it.
A quick recap of the past month or so

Maycee's 6 month check up went pretty well.
Height - 25" (25th)
weight - 13.9 lbs (20th)
Head - 42 1/2 cm

She is now eating mostly solids, at least we try to have it that way. She has about 3 bottles a day or less.

The doctor did find a little heart murmur and so he ordered an EKG. For some reason I was not worried at all. I had no problems with it. So we headed over to Valley Childrens. And you know, I felt as if nothing was wrong and I was right. The doctor told us her reselts right there and everything was fine. She still has a murmur but it is the result of her heart still fusing together from birth. Everything is great.

She now has a little tooth

She chews on everything.
She is also crawling everywhere and even pulling herself up on objects. I wont be supprised if she starts walking pretty soon.

She is also quite the little jumper. She gets so excited.

She also:
1. Waves hello or good-bye. Shes not super good at it but she does it.
2. Can hold her own bottle
3. Still fits into 0-3 month clothes. Shes a cute little shrimp
4. Loves to go swimming
5. Still in size 1 pampers
6. Sits in her high chair and eats all by herself
7. sits up with out help
8. Loves our doggies
9. has a favorite cartoon... Sponge Bob (haha)
10. Smiles all the time

While we were on our cruise (next post) she stayed with my aunt marmar and a lot of others too. thank you to all by the way, but I hear she did pretty well. 7 days with out her mom. I am paying for it now. She wants me to hold her all the time.

May 19, 2009

My little helper

So I know I need to do a big post but I thought I would tie you over with this.

Maycee loves to help me with the laundry. (more like she loves to play in the basket)