Dec 15, 2009

1 Year pics

Miss Ashley Reynolds (the best sister-in-law) was so kind to take Maycee's 1 year pics on her exact birthday.

October 16th

I loved how they turned out.
My girlie is a little ham
(I couldn't choose a favorite)

Happy Halloween

Miss Ladybug and Miss Spiderweb

Taking Maycee trick-or-treating was so new and fun.
I told her in July that she needed to be walking by Halloween if she wanted to go
trick-or-treating and guess what???
She obeyed. :)
She walked all by herself to 2 houses.

Nov 16, 2009

Happy FIRST brithday girlie

Maycee... my little girlie...
turned the big 1 on Oct. 16th
I can't believe how big she has gotten. Time has flown by.

Opening her very first presents. Thanks Lex Richard Vassi and Keith
She really had no idea what she was doing but she seemed excited. :)

I decided that since my apt. is a little on the small side that we would have 2 parties., 1 for friends, 1 for family. Both turned out great.

Miss Alice in Wonderland graced us with her presence that day...
it was an Alice in Wonderland party

The festivities started with a little present opening.
PS she freaked out. She wasnt used to all the people.

and... she didn't like to play with the cake haha
(notice mom... one of the Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum characters... Thanks Natalie for being the other half)

The food table was quite yummy complete with teacups and pots.

All the cousins... they are actually all Maycee's second cousins.

Nov 7, 2009

the BIG race

the time has come for my big race.
here is the info about the race... just in case you want to come out
November 8th
Start time 7a


  1. Start line approximately 750 ft north of Audubon on Friant Road
  2. Run north on Friant to Shepherd
  3. Turn right (east) onto Shepherd
  4. Run east on Shepherd to Cedar
  5. U-turn on Shepherd at Cedar
  6. Run west on Shepherd to Friant Road
  7. Turn right (north) onto Friant Road
  8. Run north on Friant past Old Friant Road to turnaround point north of Pill Hill south of Willow
  9. U-turn at turnaround
  10. Run south on Friant Road to Old Friant Road
  11. Turn right (west) and then left (south) onto Old Friant Road
  12. Run south on Old Friant (bends east under second pedestrian bridge) to Friant Road
  13. Turn right (south) on Friant Road
  14. Run South on Friant Road to Audubon Road
  15. Turn right (west) onto Audubon Road
  16. Run west on Audubon to Woodward Park south entrance
  17. Turn right (north) at entrance
  18. Run straight ahead, past kiosk to finish line past first entrance to second parking lot
  19. FINISH
Here is the link to the actual picture of the course.

Hope to see you at the finish line.


Oct 15, 2009

Alice... my dear Alice

Maycee's birthday party theme is
Alice in Wonderland and as I was searching for some ideas I came across this...

How awesome is this version?

Oct 9, 2009



What's going to be given away???? This 3-piece
MOTHER & DAUGHTER "Cutie-Pie Polka-Dot Apron Set"
that includes Mom's apron, Child's
apron (size should fit a 2-6 yr. old) Plus Bow

Check out this SUPER CUTE giveaway.
Here's her blog @-->

Aug 29, 2009

I wanna be Forest Gump

So I got to thinking one day that it would be cool to run a marathon in my life time. So I looked into a few races and sure enough the "Two City" race being held here in Fresno is benefiting the
Leukemia/ Lymphoma society.
Well I saw that and I said to myself that I have to do that race in memory of my cousin
April Dockstader
So I have been running since July 29th and I couldn't feel any better.
It's amazing what running can do for you and your body. Not just physically but mentally as well.
So I got me a pair of new kicks and an iPod and off I went.

You can track my progress with me at:,runs,68507186,runID,671793184

I also purchased a Nike + iPod
Its a sensor that goes in my shoe and a wireless adapter that plugs into my iPod Nano and they talk to each other. It tracks everything for me and then catalogs it online.

I have really learned a lot about myself and running in this last month.
1. I really like, I mean LOVE running
2. Once I get a really bad side ache, it doesn't go away
3. My right calf is stronger than my left because of driving
4. Running helps loose the lbs FAST
5. Music is the only thing that helps me last, or else I get a little board
6. I enjoy the feeling after I'm done with a good run
7. I have to stretch before I run

Well wish me luck. I am only running the half marathon but it is on
Nov 8th

You want to come meet me at the finish line to cheer me to the end.

Aug 3, 2009


I caught you ...

in the dog food

on the coffee table

eating the beater

at the top of the stairs

in the wagon of toys

under the couch

and then just kickin' back.

Even though you get into EV-ER-Y-THING,
I still LOVE you!!

What is IBAPAH??

Silly its...


1. Family Family Family
2. Beautiful landscapes
3. Great food
4. Camping in the middle of no where
5. Quads and Motorcycles
6. Games
7. Bathing by pouring water that you have to boil over your head
8. Golfing in the desert
9. The pond and zipline
10. Did I mention FAMILY?