May 29, 2008

hey Brit

Oh I know you tagged me too. Just takes a while to fill those things out. It will be in a post soon. :) LOVES

And... I LOVE you. I think your the best. and not to hint anything too much, but I am really excited.


May 27, 2008

hips and hurrays


Well my little baby Missy was sick this weekend. I mean really sick. She was throwing up and had some bloody you know what. And to top it all off she was pretty much limp all weekend. I was so sad. Wyatt kept saying that she was going to die. Dumb boy.

BUT the good news is that Tuesday she started looking so much better. I really just babied her the whole weekend. She was in my arms with a blanket the whole weekend, and she only drank Pediashure (spelling) which is really for little kids but it works for dogs too. I am just so thankful that she made it threw it. We still don't know what she had. It could have been Parvo or the dog flew or something else we don't know. We didn't want to take her to the doggie ER cause it was too expensive. We were waiting till Tuesday when the reg offices would be open, but Tuesday rolled around and she looked great so we decided not to.



Veteran's Day was fun. We were supposed to go on a picnic with our downstairs neighbor but he ended up canceling the night before cause he thought the weather was going to be bad but it ended up being beautiful. Too bad I had made some different plans before we saw the great weather.

I ended up going to my mother-in-laws home to finish a retirement scrapbook that we are making for my father-in-law. I was there till about 4 and then headed to a super fun get together at Jared and Samantha Medeiros' home. (When they first moved into our complex I thought that it would be a little weird with Jared being my ex and all, but I am so glad that I put that out of my mind because we have so much fun over there. Sami is a way cute girl. I am blessed to be her friend) Rob had a good time over there too. We all talked, ate pizza and played Rock Band. :)

Sorry no pictures. (It was the girl I watch, Alexis', graduation form 8th grade this weekend and she borrowed my camera. I cant believe that she is going to be a 9th grader next year. )

Speaking of her graduation, it was from St. Anthony's and so along with the graduation they have a Catholic Mass. I have never been to one of those before. What a crazy expeirence that was. It is definately different than the LDS church.

May 17, 2008


Mama Babs


Papa Bob and Robbie


and Earl


...All on their computers. What was this world like without these genious inventions? I think they are amazing. An information highway, being able to keep up with family and friends, it is just so cool all the things that they can help us do.

May 16, 2008

baby girl

Rob is so ready to have a little girl. :)
This is baby Charlotte. She is Nicholas and Holly George's baby girl. She is a popular girl in our complex.

May 13, 2008

I thought that this was cute and sooo true. I'm glad to be passing this stage a little bit. :)


Cody G

May 12, 2008

Happy Birthday

It's a

Photobucket Photobucket

GIRL! yea!!!!!

That's what I was hoping for. :) I cant believe that I am going to me a mother of a little girl. It is just mind boggling, unreal, and so awesome all at the same time.

I took my prediction from the tech lady, yes it was all sealed up in an envelope so I could not see it. (keep in mind that it was soooo hard not to look. It was just sitting in my purse the whole day and a half. ) So I took it to my sister in laws friend Amberly, and she made a fabulous delicious cake decorated with the baby's gender. It was really hard not to look once I got it in the car. She sealed it up pretty dang well so I couldnt look. But I had made this fabulous cake cover to hide it in. I couldn't find any tops that weren't see through so I just decoupaged (spelling) the inside of a clear one.


I it was my birthday too so I decided that I wanted to have a little party as well to celebrate both. I had it at Sweet Tomatoes. I thought that that was such a great idea since nobody had to worry about who would pay the bill and things like that. Well Brit Y

Photobucket (Thanks Brit, by the way she is so awesome. For my birthday she took me to get a massage and then she took me to lunch. I had such a great time hanging out with her. :) Thank you Thank you)

Photobucket (Also Ashley is so cool too. She decorated my door and up our stairway. So very cute. A very big suprise.)

and Ashley R and I got there a little early to set up a few things ( balloons) and we go around the back to the patio that I had reserved and called back 2 times to confirm and what do I see? Families scattered all around the patio. So long story short, My party had to wait about 30-45 min for the families to clear out. Good thing I had a little distraction by having everyone write down their guess of what it will be on a scrapbook page that I made for the baby book.
At least we all got 10% off though. YEA! not much but it works. The night went great after that and everone had a great time. We opened the cake after dinner, the suspence was killing me.

and it was a girl cake. :)

Thanks Ashley for supplying this classic moment on film. Loves.


Rob was so excited too.
The night turned out great, i got a lot of presents and I saw all the people that I LOVE. Thanks for the suport. :)

Photobucket Photobucket
17 weeks

This is a little book that I put all the ultra sound photos in. It is so cool to see the progression of the baby.



As always Iv got to show my other little babies
Photobucket Photobucket

Also Robs sister Heidi's son turned one. I cant believe that he is one already. Man does time fly.

Photobucket It was a Curious George party. Heidi really did it up. :)\

Robs band is amazing. I got to go to one of his shows on Satrday night. I was so good. And on the last song that he played, the baby kicked. Very cool.

May 8, 2008

ah...... time to take a breath

Robs sister had her baby yea. She is so beautiful. Laura bought her a very cute bow at Vintage Days. When she came to visit. Isnt she soooo cute?

Photobucket Photobucket

Unfortuatly the reason why she was visiting was for Robyn's funeral. I didnt know her all that well but what I heard of her, she was amazing. Full of so much life. She died of lukeimia. (spelling) She was only 31 and had a beautufl family, a little girl and husband. Unfortunatly funerals are sad but good beacause it gives family a good reason to get together. Its not too cool that it takes tragic things such as funerals to get together. Im jsut glad I got to see family.


We were able to take a trip down south again to New Port beach to visit my aunt and uncle. It is always a pleasure to go an visit them. Im am so blessed to have such an amazing family.

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket I was also able to visit the temple there. It was so beautiful.

The Simdog Fashion show was amazing.
Oh by the way this is where Simdog stuff is available:


STORES:Atrium: New York, NY
42 Saint: Scottsdale, AZ
Spoken Boutique: Phoenix, AZ
Diva Devine, AZ
Red Hot: Scottsdale, AZ
Anniegoglyn: San Antonio, TX
Heart & Soul: Shrevport, LA
Cloverleaf: Ardmore, OK
Denim & Lace: Cary, NC
Details: Littleton, CO
Lit Lifestyle: Oklahoma City, OK
KoKo & Palenki Style: Miami, FL
Bella: Bakersfield, CA
Hayley Bailey: Clovis, CA
Solutions: Newport Beach, CA
Turquoise Boutique: Studio City, CA
XIN: Los Angeles, CA
Viva Diva: San Rafael, CA
Viva Diva: Oakland, CA
Unique Boutique: Morgan Hill, CA
Nose: Daikanyama and Harajuku, Tokyo.

Amanda is so cool and all the girls looked great.
I ended up going there at 11a and staying till about 1a. It was a very long day but it was so much fun. I was kind of Amanda's personal assistant. I was here and there and everywhere.
The girls, once they all got there went right into hair and make-up.


Amanda looked good too and very calm :)


The girls all followed most of my advice and looked great on the catwalk.
Photobucket Photobucket

Rob evn had agreat time. I loved that we were totally VIP and sat in the front row.

Everything wen great. I was pretty tired the next day but but way worth it.

A few days later, OK like a week, on Sunday the 4th, Rob gave me a great early birthdya gift.
a NEW ...


Photobucket Photobucket

Her name is Missy. She is 8 months old. She is not very good at the potty training thing yet but shell get there. Buster sometimes doesnt like her cause she is really hyper at times but she is so cute. I absolutly love her. She loves to sleep under the covers, but since she is not yet potty trained she has to sleep in her little gated community in the kitchen. SHe doesnt like this setup very much and decids to sometimes whine at night. Rob is not too fond of that but since he started wearing ear plugs at night, its not a problem. :)

Buster is still as cute as ever.



Well I had an unltrasound Yesterday, Wednesday the 7th. It went great. The lady sai that our baby is very healthy but very active. It was swimming all around. SHe said I am going to have a handful. :) Well I think it was moving all around because Heidi Robs sister, told me to drink some apple juice and eat a chocolatechip cookie and so I did. Well I got results.
The lady did get a verdict for the sex but I wont know till tomorrow. I will post about that later. I am so excited cause I will be able to find out the sex and it will be my bday. yea!!!

BUt I am so excited that the baby is all healthy.
Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

Rob went with me and he was so excited too. He was asking so many questions. It was really cute.


Rob is such an amazing support system. I am glad that I have him by my side through all of this pregger stuff.
The books say that the 2nd trimester is the honeymoon stage and that we need to do all that we can now. So we take that to heart. So Rob took me to the movies last Week at the 10:45p show. I thought that was cool. We wont be able to do that for much longer so we enjoyed it.