Aug 23, 2011

Memorial Day in Monterey

Brittany Youngclaus had this FANTASTIC idea to head to the beach for Memorial Day.  We were so in, and so were Brittany's parents.  The car ride consisted of books and playing, with the occasional scream, but it went well. 

  And soon we were there.  Maycee, of course, could not even wait one second to play in the sand.  She insisted on wearing her swimsuit even though it was chilly enough to wear sweaters. If it wasn't for my BFF Brittany, I wouldn't have been where I have been.  She is my adventurer.  I love her to pieces.
Playing in the sand lasted for about... 30 min. HA It was cold.  But Mayc had a blast.

She soon started tunring purple and I needed to put some clothes on her.... Just in time to play in the sand a bit more.

 We then headed to the peer.  The kids guided us into the candy store, of course, and then we headed to lunch for some good fish and chips.
  We were told about this AWESOME park, Dennis the Menace Park, and knew we had to go there.  Maycee was in heaven.  At first I could keep track of her but after a bit, she was a runnin' everywhere. 
  The big train was cool, but super nerve wracking for me.  She was on top of it and it just freaked me out.

We headed back to the car and decided to feed the ducks.  They were eating right out of Derricks hand. 
 Soon it was time to head back home.  The car ride home was full of singing Primary songs and playing Who Wants to Be a Millionaire on Britt's phone.  Maycee fell asleep and soon we were home.
What an enjoyable day!

Aug 3, 2011


General Conference

When General Conference time rolls around (every April and October)
I know that there is a yummy breakfast and lots of family to come.
All the Christiansen side, plus some friends, gather at Grandpa and Grnadma Chris' house.
Maycee is learning a bit of crocheting with Aunt Bev.
Hangin' with lots of family...
and cousins and toys galore

The Little Mermaid

My Mom scored some tickets to "The Little Mermaid" that was performed by 
 The show was actually really good and Maycee enjoyed it as well.  
She stayed in her seat, which was very surprising.

 I wanted her to be able to meet all the characters so we waited in line.  Ursula was first.  Maycee was a bit nervous to stand by her at first but got over her fear quickly. 

 Areal and Prince Eric were next.  They were her favorite.  She didn't really want to take a picture with anyone else, but we were still far back in the line.  Perfect way to get to the front... have an anxious 2 year old.  She ran right up to the front. 
 Then were two of Arel's sisters.  Maycee skipped right over King Triton.  She would not go near him no matter how hard I tried to persuade her.  When we got to the car she finally 
said that she wanted to take a piture with him and that we should go back in.
We had a great time.  Maycee is still talking about it today.