Jul 21, 2009

9 months Holy moly!!!

So my little baby Maycee is growing up fast.
Her 9 month appt. was 2 Mondays ago
I thought she was around 19-20lbs. I was wrong.
She's 15lbs 13oz - 5th percentile
Height- 27" - 25th percentile
She also got 2 more shots poor baby girl. But Doc says that everything is great. He says her heart healed together very nicely and she is in for a long life. :)

At 9 months she:
Says moma, but only when shes crying
says dada
She has 5 teeth, her 6th one is coming in
clicks her tongue all the time
will copy you when you clap your hands click your tongue or blow kisses
waves goodbye
blows kisses, but she looks and sounds like an Indian
She is almost walking, she stood up by her self 3 times
she crawls so fast
Has temper tantrums when she doesn't want to take a nap
hates baby food
Loves to eat, chex, cheerios, gold fish, anything sweet, peas, green beans, pasta

She gets into a lot of trouble these days. She is so adventurous.