Mar 13, 2009


Pedestrians beware. Crazy driver on the loose.

Will bite anything to get her way, and

likes to look cool while doing it.

Mar 5, 2009

Love is all around

My mom LOVES her g-baby and is always buying her toys. Well this time she came home with this one night. Maycee LOVES it. She goes crazy and is entertained for hours.
Baby Einstein is a genius.

I LOVE THAT Maycee is...
*SUPER ticklish
*can roll over, but doesn't really like to do it in front of an audience
*LOVES peas and green beans

Robbie LOVES his baby too. They play so well together.
Thanks Robbie for all that you do.

I want to give some LOVE to my to my other kids Lex and Richard.
Richard got his braces off this week (only phase one so sadly he will get them again, but as for now they're gone. :)
and Alexis danced her little heart out in the Fresno ballet performing "Snow White" this last Saturday. She was amazing. She worked so hard for that. She had 3 parts in the ballet, A bunny, a flower and a witch. Great Job Lex

Some LOVE for shopping. Anyone want to come?

And this was my LOVE day cards that I sent out.

LOVES all around.