Sep 30, 2011

Dinkey Days

In July, a much anticipated trip finally arrived. 
The Weiler family has been waiting for Dinkey to happen for I think 4 years now.  It got cancelled due to a shortage of people wanting to attend.
We got dirty... my kid ran independently.
We slept in bunk beds and no matter how hard I tried to organize everything, it got messy!!
We sat around gabbing with family and friends.
We had horseshoe, ping pong and frisbee golf tournaments.
We roasted marshmallows and tried a new treat... roasted Starbursts. mmm!
We ate popsicles, even if they had dropped in the dirt.
Lake Day was exciting.  I think 5 pontoon boats were rented.  We road wave runners, went tubing and even caught a lizard.
Of course everyone caught TOO many rays at the lake.

The traditional obstacle course was set up.  Maycee was only up to running through the boxes at the end.
But mostly it was just plain ol' simple fun outside.
(Even if my kid was sick the whole week... we all had a BLAST!!)

Sep 14, 2011

May Days

 May started off with the first swim of the year... brrr!!!
 We baked some brownies... She is becoming quite the little baker.
 She did all kinds of crafts with grandma... the Cricut being her favorite.

We went to Richard Boone's 8th Grade Graduation form St. Anthony's

And we went to the Fabulous Monteray Bay Beach.

MAY was filled with all kinds of fun!!!