Jan 28, 2009

My little BUMBO girlie

Isnt that the cutest thing you have ever seen?
(PS, look at all the NEW posts)

Baby Skyler

Brittany and Derrick's little Skyler Derrick Youngclaus entered into the world. And BOY did he want to come out. Brittany dialted and started pushing in a very short amount of time. She did great.

Skyler Derrick Youngclaus
January 22nd 2009
11:21 am
7lbs 13oz
20 in long

Thanks Brit for letting me be in the delivery room with you. What a great experience, except for when I almost passed out. :)

Happy 30th Robbie

January 28th

What happens on birthdays around here?
Sneaking into the living room at 1am to decorate for the BIG day.

This year was a big deal....


Happy Birthday Rob. May all your wishes come true.

We celebrated by going to Robs bowling league. He bowled 2 turkies and one of those turkies turned into whatever 4 strikes in a row are called. :)

Maycee thought it was so cool. She was watching Robs every move while he was opening present.

Jan 26, 2009

Maycee's Blessing

Blessing a beautiful baby girl was the thing that made Sunday Dec. 28th 2008 perfect. All of our family and friends were able to be there. Thanks to everone that was able to be there from out of town. Unfortatly I wasnt able to get everyone in the pic that was there but you know who you are.
Maycee was dressed in a wonderful dress that my mom
was able to make, and I made the bow to match.
In the circle, Maycee was surrounded by people that loves her so very much. Bishop Reynders said it was a record of how many people were in the circle.
The final count was 20, uncles, great uncles, grandpas, great grandpas, close friends, and dad.
It couldn't have been any more special. Rob gave a wonderful blessing. He truly felt the spirit.

Matt Ward was so gracious to take some photos of us. Thanks
After, everyone gathered at my gma and gpa Christiansen's home for a wonderful soup bar. That house was packed full of people passing Maycee around.
What a wonderful day.

Jan 21, 2009

3 to the hizzle months

Maycee, baby girl, princess buttercup, silly monkey... stop growing up so fast.
- Loves to suck on her hands, not thumb, but hands
- Loves to watch cartoons (mostly baby Einstein)
- Laughs if you hiss in her ear, poke her cheeks, or blow in her armpit
- Has the most beautiful eyelashes EVER!
- Has a CRAZY bald spot that goes all the way around her head.
- Spys me from all the way across the room
- Sleeps the WHOLE night in her crib (in bed at 10p, wakes up at 6:30a when I got to work)
- Fits into 0-3 month clothes, but still newborn pants
- Can entertain me for hours
- HATES the bath at first, then one minute later, LOVES it.
- Is so sensitive. (pricey diapers and formula for her)
- Sometimes needs "alone time", nobody can hold her.
- Is starting to bat her toys
- Laughs so hard when you change her clothes

Wow... rewind

New years was Great. spending an "extreme" night at Sig Flags with Janice and Jeremy turned out perfect. Rob had a free ticket, therefore making me buy a full ticket.

Full ticket = season pass ya baby!!

so I now can go whenever I want :) Anyone want to babysit Maycee?
(Thanks aunt Mar mar and mom for taking her that night and the next day)

My little nephew Topher, and my niece Sarah got baptised. I am so proud of them. Maycee had a major poop during Sarah's baptism so I missed her slide show of pictures I was sad, but Congrats to you both. Heavenly Father loves you both and he is so proud of you too.

My mom had her major back surgery and she is doing great. Sorry that I didn't keep you all updated. These are my moms words, "They drilled a piece of my L4 and L5 disc and replaced it with a bone graft. This is where the disc was pinching the nerve that leads down through your hip and down your leg, It was nothing that happened in the past just luck said Dr Aryian. He put in two screws and a thin plate to help support it. It's really cool to see on xray. As far as surgery went I was a text book case."
She is doing really well, walking around and everything. I'm glad that she had this surgery so now she will be able to one day walk around Disneyland with her granddaughter. Love you mom

My step dad Donny had a Birthday Jan 6th. He doesn't really like cake and my mom wasn't really up to celebrating because she had her surgery that week so this was my gift to him. :) MEAT!!!

AND, my baby girl is growing up too fast.

We had her blessing on Dec 28th (Janice and Jeremy's 1 yr anniversary congrats guys for making it through) but I will post pics and story later. GREAT DAY!

Jan 5, 2009


I will have an update soon. I am waiting on some pics. Stay tuned for...
New years
and more!
Loves to you all
PS. my mom had back surgery today. Please keep her in your prayers as she will be recovering for the next 6 weeks.